Urpy Thursday

27 Jan

Preschool called today because Zack threw up after lunch. I’m alternating between hand-patting (his) and hand-wringing (mine).

Goodbye Tricycle

25 Jan

Hello big boy bike.

Today we had a break in the chilly weather and decided to play outside after school. Fresh air! Sunshine! Energy burn-off! Wheee.

Since Brad has a new set of wheels – we decided to put the training wheels back on his old bike for Zack. Did he like the upgrade? That would be a YES. He hopped right on and – thanks to many hours spent speeding around on his trike – took off like a pro.

I suppose this is where I insert a *sniff sniff* “they grow up so fast” – but I’d rather just enjoy the moment. A (big) little boy on a (little) big bike. Or something like that.


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